The date, time and where to watch the 2022 Eurovision final on TV?

festival Eurovision 2022 It closes an exciting week with its long-awaited grand finale.. After two semi-final disputes, the remaining 25 competing nations will showcase their best resources on the stage of the Olympic Pavilion in Turin (Italy) this Saturday.

The format of the festival, as in recent years, included the two phases before this finale. 20 countries qualified, 13 countries eliminated, place in the final Members of the Big Five enter the competition (Spain, UK, France, Germany and Italy).

when is the eurovision final

The final will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2021 at 21.00 with the participation of 25 countries, including Turkey. Spain, which started this year for the first time with a real chance to win in many editions. Bookies give Chanel more than a reliable fifth place. And from there it remains only to dream.

other countries favorites Italy, England, Sweden or Australia. The performances of these last two in the second semi-final made it clear that they had come to Turin to win.

The performances will conclude around 11 pm after the long-awaited voting round at the gala, which will end after midnight.

Where can I watch the Eurovision final on TV?

The final can be seen as the rest of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Open via Spanish Television. In particular, it will one channel responsible for broadcasting the premiere, as with the two semi-finals.

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