This i grew up will play next season LaLiga Smart Bank After five seasons in the elite of Spanish football. Valencia team after an unforgettable season Completed relegation at Santiago Bernabeu, which it turned out to be beaten. Morales’ tears recounted the drama of the Granota locker room. the truth survive for the moment AlavesDefeating Espanyol and not relying on himself to defend his options on the penultimate day: he will have to beat Levante and hope for that. none Cadiz none Majorca Do it against Real Madrid and Rayorespectively.

still they do not have mathematical permanence Getafe none Grenadebut both are hoping to confirm this weekend against Barça and Betis.

Upstairs everything is clearer. The Champions zone is also getting clearer with Ancelotti’s men’s title for the past few days: FC Barcelona Y athletic already classified mathematically and Seville you just have to add one point more to do. As long as Simeone’s men win at Pizjuán, they will have to do the same to Xavi’s men to get second place. If not, there will be no consequences.

This Europa League territory occupied Betis, real society Y Villareal, and everything points to the fact that they will be playing the second continental competition next year. The only person who can take down Emery’s men is Athletic, who almost needed a miracle for that to happen.

It will be played on a combined program the next day, Sunday 37th at 19:30. There are only two games scheduled for Saturday, as none of the teams playing them are in danger: Espanyol-Valencia and Celta-Elche.

LaLiga Classification 2021 – 2022

  1. Real Madrid 84 points
  2. barcelona 72 points
  3. Atlético Madrid 67 points
  4. Seville 66 points
  5. Besiktas 61 points
  6. Royal Society 59 points
  7. Villareal 56 points
  8. Athletics Club 52 points
  9. Osasuna 47 points
  10. Valencia 44 points
  11. Celta de Vigo 43 points
  12. Vallecano Ray 42 points
  13. Spanish 40 points
  14. Elche 39 points
  15. Getafe 38 points
  16. Granada 37 points
  17. Cadiz 35 points
  18. Majorca 33 points
  19. Alaves 31 points
  20. get 29 points