Three teenagers stab each other while taking a taxi in Valencia

This National Police Arrested three teenagers aged 18-19 for stabbing another at dawn last Saturday at the door of a well-known Valencia nightclub sneaking in while waiting for a taxi. After leaving the entertainment area, the three friends had been waiting for their transportation for a while, when the victim had just moved to get into the taxi that was standing at the door. This was reason enough for the alleged attackers to start an argument in which the other 18-year-old teenager was injured with a knife and taken to the hospital with a knife. pneumothorax.

The attack occurred at 4:30 am last Saturday on San Vicente Mártir street in Valencia.or those who are now arrested probably beat up a young man who had just gotten into the taxi they were waiting for.

At one point, someone pulled out an undetected sharp object and inflicted a wound on his chest. Investigations have yet to determine who of the three detainees was materially responsible for the stabbing.

Ambulance transferred the young man with a pneumothorax and several blows to the head, chest and abdomenAlthough he was discharged, he was taken to La Fe de València Hospital, where he was admitted.

Three people arrested by the National Police passed on watch this Thursday, at the behest of the Valencian Judicial Court No. 20. Two of them stated the third confessed to them that he was the author of the knife., but the victim identified this young man as the exact initiator of the fight, but not as the one who stabbed him in the chest. Three were released on charges as the investigation continues.

In other news, the National Police arrested a 47-year-old man in Valencia’s Abastos district who attacked a driver who refused to tip because he parked his car. The detainee, who is a Moroccan national and has a police record, is charged with wounding, coercion and assaulting an official.

The incidents occurred last Tuesday, around 4:30 p.m., when agents were alerted to an alleged brawl. The victim told them that after he had parked his car, a man approached him and demanded the money, but he refused. After that, the suspect apparently spat in his face and punched and scratched several times, the victim had to take shelter in a commercial establishment.

Source: Informacion


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