A woman spent millions of rubles on clothes and a Lamborghini for her pekapoo

32-year-old woman spent millions of rubles on clothes and toys for her dog

Australian Alina Michaels has spent more than £56,000 on clothes and toys for her dog. That reports the Daily Mirror.

A 32-year-old Sydney resident spares no expense buying a pekapoo named Coco approx. “Tapes.ru” “She has dresses, sweaters, harnesses, necklaces and wreaths,” the woman says. “She has 500 or more items in her wardrobe.”

Among other things, the dog has a collar from Tiffany, which cost 320 pounds (40,000 rubles), a dressing gown from Versace, which cost 140 pounds (18 thousand rubles), and a bow tie from Gucci, bought for 112 pounds (14.5 thousand rubles). . In addition, she has 14 sunbeds to choose from and a miniature Lamborghini car.

Another big expense for Michaels is Coco’s birthday party. Every year he has a different theme and has to spend at least four thousand pounds sterling (520 thousand rubles) on preparation. The theme of the last anniversary was ballet. “All the guests and dogs came in tutus or dresses to suit the theme, then went home with sets of gifts worth 170 pounds (22 thousand rubles – approx. “Tapes.ru”),” says the woman.

According to Michaels, friends and family think she’s a little crazy. She tells them she doesn’t spend more on a dog she considers her “furry kid” than any other parent would spend on their kids.

It was previously reported that a resident of the British county of Kent spent a huge amount on clothing and accessories for their dogs. The woman bought many suits, ties and jewelry for her pets.

Source: Lenta


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