A submarine and two helicopters: this is the megayacht to be christened in Malaga.

This Malaga The number of mega yachts is already a reality. Eyes these days on Vava II, anchored in the waters of Malaga in the coming months, maritime luxury It will show up once again in the Port of Malaga.

Announcement by the mayor Francisco de la Torre and the head of the Port Authority, Carlos Rubio, This week we did it at Fitur. event one Extraordinary godmother, NASA astronaut Kathy Sullivan.

This is Natural Eclipse II

journey Natural Eclipse II a luxury super yacht It has a length of 168 meters and a maximum capacity 228 passengers. It also has 10 floors and four elevators connecting them all.

It has an ultra-modern design, equipped with the latest technology and luxuries.

This cruise a helipad, 12 zodiacs and a mini-submarine on the upper deck. ‘submarine’‘Natural Neptune’, It can dive to a depth of 200 meters.

Passengers who wish Take trips in this submarine.

Natural Eclipse II.

On the other hand, cruise equipped with two Airbus H130 helicopters can be booked or rented. Helicopter rides allow passengers to take in the natural and wild landscapes of visited destinations.

Scenic Eclipse II features 114 cabins, being all double suites. Each cabin has a private balcony and each suite has a servant.

Built-in services include: nine restaurants four bars and lounges, a theatre, two swimming pools, a heated pool, gym and spa. Moreover water sports such as canoeing, snorkeling and diving.

Among its destinations are Alaska or the North Pole

This yacht will reach places like Arctic, Antarctic, or Alaska. Thanks to its ice-reinforced hull, it will be able to navigate these icy seas.

Routes will include: Russian White Sea, South Greenland, Northwest Passage and from Alaska to Russia via the Bering Sea.

Also ships of the series natural eclipse built to accommodate new Polar Code requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The ship has a rating Ice class 1A (Polar class 6) the highest of any luxury ship guarantees navigation safely in polar waters.

Also on board automatic “safe return to port”. In other words, this function ensures that systems continue to operate in the event of an event.

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