Found out about selling fake SSDs in online stores

External SSDs with a capacity of 30 TB, which were sold for $ 39 in online stores, turned out to be fake, scammers tried to mislead careless buyers by imitating Samsung’s new product. By ArsTeknikThe scam was discovered by blogger Ray Redacted.

It is noted that for the first time such ads appeared on the website of the American Walmart store, but later the blogger learned that such devices are also available in the markets.

Bought an SSD of the same price and same design from AliExpress. The packaging says 30 TB, but inside the drive, the blogger found a memory card reader (card reader) with a USB 2.0 port, inside which there are two microSD cards with a capacity of 512 MB each.

The scammers reflashed the device’s card and as a result, when connected to a computer, each card declares its capacity as 15 TB, ie 30 TB in total. Usually a real 30TB drive isn’t displayed as a nice round number because some of the memory is required to keep the device running.

When trying to write a large amount of data, the SSD does not write an error, but the recording is performed cyclically – new data over old data. Thus, after such a “copy” some files will be deleted.

Former Samsung Representative in Germany recommended to customer Destroy the 980 Pro SSD with a hammer or drill to prevent data leakage.

Source: Gazeta


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