this spanish coast It is one of the most magnificent and diverse countries on the planet, and few countries can compete with it. coastal heritage. in addition to it beautyWe want to highlight these endless beaches in which walking by the sea becomes a real pleasure… Besides, we can always a field trip or a weekend getaway. Today we are going to talk to you about some of the longest and most amazing beaches in Spain and one of them is in Alicante.


  • The best beaches for snorkeling in Spain

  • The best bays in Alicante

  • The most secret and idyllic coves in the province of Alicante

positioned Morro de Jable, on Fuerteventura Island, this golden sand beach is almost 14 kilometers. It would be the perfect place to perform water sports (especially kitesurfing or windsurfing), to do nudity and travel. this view The wild and mountainous surrounding it is the ideal setting to disconnect from it all and merge with nature.

Cofete Beach (Fuerteventura) Getty Pictures

San Juan beach is undoubtedly one of Alicante’s best known and most admired sandy areas. It is a beach consisting of fine sand and transparent waters stretching along it. 6 kilometers From El Campello to Cabo de las Huertas. The Enclave is one of the most visited in summerespecially by tourists from within the country.

San Juan Beach (Alicante) RAFA ARJONES

this San Juan Beach There are fields for different application sports: volleyball, football, windsurfing… A fascinating walk, which is also widely used by those who love to run, accompanies this beach and perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze or to taste a good Alicante rice.

full death shoresurfing and windsurfing lovers wild gem. This beach on the Coruña coast 7 km surprising extension for him fine white sand and crystal clear water. The beach draws attention with its length, but Also because of its width as it is completely transformed due to strong tides. East coastal residential area acceptable one of the top 100 in the world.

Carnota Beach (Coruna) Meiga Beach


Best beaches to go with kids in Alicante

in the town of Huelva Sidebars we almost came across this wonderful beach 13 kilometers in length. covers your mouth Tino River to Torre del Oro and its sand is fine and golden. There are many services and amenities, and accessible from various streets of the city. Also, the limits donana national park, It has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Mazagon Beach (Huelva) HUELVA.ES

The popular town of Lepe has one of the longest beaches on our coastline. through 12 kilometers traveler enjoy this beautiful beach in Marismas del. Piedras River and Rompido Arrow. It has an acceptably preserved environment without too many services. This nudist beaches longest in spain and an area admired by fishermen.

Nueva Umbria Beach (Huelva) Daniel Toscano (Wikipedia)

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Another attraction is the port. tuberThe place to taste seafood and fish from the region or enjoy the nightlife.