The number of cyber groups attacking Russia has increased 02:21

Experts in the field of cyber security point out the increase in the number of cyber groups attacking Russia. This year alone, it says, that number has increased by more than 20% “Kommersant”.

The growth of criminal IT groups is supported by the active trade of hacking tools in the shadow market, which lowers the barrier to entry into this space. Although hackers continue to be united by political motives, the primary goal of making money from cyber attacks, for example through extortion, has become the overriding goal.

According to cybersecurity experts, the number of hacker groups targeting Russia’s IT infrastructure has increased by more than 20% compared to the previous year. While the majority of these associations (76%) pursue financial goals, only a small number are associated with political movements (9%) and espionage (15%). Some groups, including “hacktivists”, are now trying to achieve not only political goals but also financial ones.

According to Ideco, the number of hacker groups increased by 33% in 2023 compared to the previous year. This year, several new major associations have already been identified, such as Lazy Koala, Muliaka and M0r0k.

The number of hacker groups also increased by 25% in all of 2023, according to FACCT (formerly Group IB). They point out that “pro-Ukrainian hacktivists” are behind most of the DDoS attacks and releases of stolen data from Russian organizations in 2023. In general, in 2023, Russia and the CIS countries were attacked by 14 “pro-government hacker groups” targeting state institutions, critical information infrastructure organizations and enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

Russians before warned about the risks of using public Wi-Fi.

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Source: Gazeta


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