Expert reveals the most vulnerable way to enter the State Services portal 12:40

Login to the State Services portal with confirmation via SMS message is the most convenient, but also the least secure way to log in. This was stated in an interview by the business manager of the Multifactor company Viktor Chashchin. RIA News.

From 1 October on the Gosuslugi portal From 1 October happened Two-factor authentication is mandatory for all users.

According to Chashchin, attackers can intercept SMS messages. And the phone number from which the message was received may be in the hands of another person, for example, in case the SIM card is lost.

The expert said that generating a one-time code in a special TOTP application is a more reliable way to enter Gosuslugi, since fraudsters cannot intercept this code remotely. They will only be able to access the codes if they have a phone with the application installed.

In contrast, Artem Geller, managing partner of Smena (AIC Group) statedthat two-factor authentication is much more secure than regular authentication.

Previously in Moscow started Test payment for travel using biometrics using a Muscovite card.

Source: Gazeta


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