Flexible G-spot stimulator caused journalist to lose consciousness with pleasure 16:19

Journalist of the American publication Vice Mary Frances Knapp tested the new sex toy Limba Flex and stated One review said the device made him “swoon with joy.”

Limba Flex is a vibrator with a bendable frame that can be fixed in different positions. This feature allows you to get better G-spot stimulation from the device. Another feature of the new product is the built-in suction cup designed to attach the accessory to flat surfaces.

The journalist compared the sensations of Limba Flex with the sensations of a living partner. According to him, the variable diameter of the device along its entire length and the ability to bend directly during use provide a unique experience. Knapp believes completely flat sex toys provide a less natural feel.

“I tilted the tip of the Limba slightly upward and was immediately impressed with the volume provided by such a small and lightweight dildo,” she wrote.

He was previously a journalist at GQ amount The 11 best coziest accessories for travel.

Source: Gazeta


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