A new mechanism for the formation of water on the Moon was found 16:15

A team of scientists from the University of Hawaii has discovered a new mechanism for water formation on the Moon. In this respect reports “Reedus.” It is known that most of the moisture on the Earth’s natural satellite is formed under the influence of the solar wind, when hydrogen ions hit the lunar soil and interact with oxygen.

Researchers found that this isn’t the only way water is formed. As scientists remind, the Moon is exposed to the Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the population and partly the satellite. The magnetosphere also contains the earth’s high-energy electrons and ions.

The team calculated that as the Moon orbits the Earth, it spends about 27% of its path in the magnetotail, which is not affected by the solar wind and where water is not expected to form. But paleontologists were astonished to discover that moisture also appeared within the magnetosphere; This indicates processes unrelated to the solar wind.

What exactly happens to the Moon while it is in the Earth’s magnetic field will be determined by scientists.

In 2023, scientists from the University of California and the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge developed A new drug that prevents bone loss in microgravity conditions. The medicine was designed to protect the health of people who stay in space for a long time.

Previously at Roscosmos I stated the reason The crash of Luna 25.

Source: Gazeta


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