It turns out that the iPhone can be hacked even when it is turned off. But you shouldn’t be afraid

Experts from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany reported that the iPhone can be hacked even if the smartphone is turned off. We are talking about the fact that it is possible to inject malicious code into the firmware of Bluetooth, NFC, UWB chips, and so on.

The bottom line is that these chips are constantly running in a low-power mode to ensure that the smartphone is found if it is stolen or lost. But it also gives attackers the ability to run malware to spy on its owner, intercept information, or launch certain applications.

True, for this you first need to physically access the iPhone, hack it and install special firmware, after which you can track its owner. It goes without saying that such a method is rather complicated and is only suitable for certain tasks.

The company has not yet commented on this information. Rick and Morty is going to be anime

Source: VG Times


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