Russians were told how to extend the life of gadgets

Ekaterina Rudaya, Jet CyberCamp service manager of Jet Infosystems’ information security center, warns of the danger of downloading malware, reports “Hitting the Primer”.

According to him, the most malicious software are miners that load the device 100% and reduce its performance. They can often be part of an app or browser extension.

In order to protect yourself from such programs and extend the life of the device, the specialist recommended downloading the necessary files from primary sources, especially from the official websites of developers or companies.

It is also necessary to check for new files, especially those received from instant messengers. To do this, you must use an antivirus.

“Be careful with the extensions you install for browsers and update operating systems as new updates are released,” Rudaya said.

He added that you should regularly review the application gallery: unused ones are better to delete or block the permissions previously granted to them.

Previously reportedHe said that 35% of financial apps in Russia could be used to steal money.

Source: Gazeta


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