Summary of Eurovision gala 2022

not victory Ukraine more longing to singbut with the theme of the victory of the Kalush Orchestra group ‘Stefania’ this Saturday Eurovision 2022 it was important Not only musically, but also morally and in the media, it is an obvious blow to Vladimir Putin from the European public.

The result that represented the third victory for this country was also a necessity. ego injection for spainwith whom channel and the song ‘SloMo’ took third place with only 6 points United Kingdomthus achieving Anabel Conde’s best position since she placed second in 1995 with ‘Vuelve Conmigo’.

Help Ukraine!The Ukrainian six, after their show and before receiving the coveted glass microphone at the Olympic Palace in Turin (Italy), claimed in an edition that already made history by removing Russia from the competition months ago due to the start of the invasion. to your area.

Given the circumstances, a they met deadlines A candidacy, which was unexpectedly received and had to prepare refugees from different regions remotely, needed special permission to leave their country, as well as permission that one of the members did not receive, so it had to be changed.

In all this, the occasion of the song played an important role, ‘Stefania’ designed as a simple tribute to the mother From the leader of the Kalush Orchestra, but after the start of the conflict and because of these special touches of folk music mixed with hip hop and electronica, I sing to parents who are not there and, accordingly, to the mother country.


Eurovision 2022 in pictures

shadow of war

This call for peace Since its start at 21:00 in the iconic Piazza San Carlo in Turin, it has been featured in the 2022 Eurovision final with a reinterpretation of John Lennon’s ‘Give Peace a Chance’ composed half a century ago against another war, Vietnam.

From Olympic Pala, acclaimed singer Laura Pausini took the microphone to interpret a selection of hit songs, along with musician Mika and ‘entertainer’ Alessandro Cattalan, who were the sparkling co-hosts of the show.

The contest kicks off with Czechs We Are Domi’s infectious EDM ‘Lights Off’. much more dynamic first half and some of the main contenders for victory, like the emotional ‘Brividi’ after taking his second place in 2019, and Italian Mahmood, who returned hand in hand with his colleague Blanco to stage a necessary emotional one-on-one between the two men.


Chanel’s performance at Eurovision 2022

came right after Hurricane Chanel with fan, trumpet fanfare and bullfighter jacket It was designed by Palomo Spain to expand on the Spanish theme, but in an explosive performance, with a contemporary Latin voice, and by Kyle Hanagami, a collaborator of figures like Jennifer Lopez. And so the Cuban artist broke “hips and hearts” with his ‘SloMo’, smile and impossible turns. venue vibrating with its performance.

There was little need to wait for Ukraine, which was the favorite from the very beginning in the betting. european solidarity wave after the Russian invasion. “Please help Ukraine, Mariúpol and Azovstal”, the leader of this six finally demanded a message to help the group of soldiers stationed at that steel mill, and due to its political nature, it was banned on principle. festival rules.

ballad premiere

This the second part of the contest, more intense, monopolized by the balladsThe dominant trend of this Italian edition of the festival is also chaotic organization (the stage’s huge ‘kinetic sun’ proved it never worked as it should).

On this fertile ground for indifference, several countries stood out, including the Greek Amanda Tenfjord and the Swedish with ‘Die Together’. Cornelia Jakobs with ‘Hold Me Closer’, another of the big candidates for victory An incremental progression starting with a friendly starter theme and capturing many followers.

Although it has been beneficiary for being a ‘Spaceman’ by British Sam Ryder due to the lack of agile themes and his position shortly before the vote. Treble notes, long blonde hair and blue eyes, the charismatic presence of this already famous ‘tiktoker’, a melody and guitar riff intended to commemorate Queen and Elton John did the rest for takeoff.

In the midst of the race for victory, the beloved Eurovision of extravagant bids provided some new characters for the story, such as the Romanian WRS and the Spanish “Hello baby / Call me, call me” chorus, and above all were Konstrakta, Serbian, who literally washed their hands of mental health in front of an entourage of priests. Marina Abramovich.

Chanel, history

As the televoting began to work its magic, it was possible to enjoy a colorful potpourri by Mika and the two former Italian champions of the festival: as in 1974 the iconic Gigliola Cinquetti and Damiano David, who sang ‘Non Ho L’Età’ at the age of 74, suffered an ankle injury. Maneskin, the winners of 2021, presenting the limping ‘Supermodel’.

The ratings did not disappoint, Once again. It soon became clear that Spain and England will fight for the title. In fact, jury ratings put Ryder at the top with a score of 283, followed by Sweden (258), Spain (231) and Ukraine (192), pretty far from the top.

However, the people did what was expected and returned to the situation in this country. television’s highest note, 439. While currently leading with a total of 631, no one has managed to oust him and he is victorious in the ‘top 10’, which is rounded off by the United Kingdom (466), Spain (459), Sweden (438), Serbia (312) and Italy. (268), Moldova (253), Greece (215), Portugal (207) and Norway (182).

Spain, which broke the defeat streak in Eurovision with a fondness for the worst positions, achieved the victory this time. 228 televoting points. Also voted 34 out of 40 jurors nationals, as much as possible from Portugal, Sweden, San Marino, Australia, Malta, Macedonia, Ireland and Armenia.

They were also generous to this country: United Kingdom (10), Belgium (10), Germany (8), Montenegro (8), Bulgaria (8), Switzerland (8), Czech Republic (7), Norway (7) , Cyprus ( 6), Croatia (6), Lithuania (5), Greece (5), France (5), Netherlands (5), Albania (5), Azerbaijan (5), Georgia (5), Serbia (4) , Denmark ( 4), Israel (3), Iceland (3), Moldova (3), Austria (2), Romania (1), Slovenia (1), Poland (1).

In response, the Spanish jury decided to award Azerbaijan (12), Italy (10), Australia (8), Sweden (7), Serbia (6), Belgium (5), Romania (4), United Kingdom (3). , Greece (2) and Switzerland (1).

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