‘Evil Dead’: much more than a well-deserved tribute to the franchise

sam raimi can boast of one of the most comprehensive and entertaining filmographies in cinema history; starting withevil Dead‘Continuing in 1981’Spider Manending with ‘ and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ In 2022, he left more than 100 tapes in history as both a director and producer. The video game industry (Saber Interactive), not only from the first cited work, but also from ‘The Evil Dead II‘and even the television series’Ash vs Evil Dead’.

It is one of the so-called “asymmetrical multiplayer” games where the powers are not balanced: four people face a Kandarian demon that can be controlled by another player and whose strength is similar to or greater than that of the 4 players. This way, supernatural fights are created where the usual rule is to have a great time, not only eliminating opponents, but also taking on the presence of dozens of demons roaming freely in ‘Evil Dead’ scenarios.

Evil Dead: The Game – Start Trailer

A taste of the horror series B

If you’re a true fan, you’ll definitely know that everything is ‘around’.necronomicon‘, the book of the dead. The aim of each game is to complete the pages of the book and the map that allows us to find the Kandarian dagger. Once achieved, we will have to overthrow the Dark Ones and only then will the ‘Necronomicon’ appear, which we must protect for a while, because the demons will want it at all costs.. We have lots of firearms or short guns to achieve the survival goal, which is more brutal. Of course, you can always opt for the iconic weapons of the franchise, such as the chainsaw or the cut-off shotgun, but don’t overlook the use of shovels, axes, rifles, and whatever bloody tools that promote. times, a particular blood show. or B series according to your preference.

Embracing the demon role is particularly original. This Kandarian entity has a clear purpose: to sabotage the heroes’ mission. To do this, we can move much faster, possess them, and even use the stage to attack or set traps. It is also allowed to summon more demons to attack and of course intimidate them.something that would make it harder for them to control in the game.

A very refreshing fan service

The title, of course, works very well for fans of the franchise as it contains it. tribute to your most iconic scenes, characters from both movies and television series, as well as the franchise’s weapons, settings, and re-enactments. In fact, the game has several Season Packs. The first of these includes the characteristic clothes of the characters in different movies and TV series. Also famous actor Bruce Campbell joined in with some of his most famous statements.

Despite the game modes are not very diverse, and the plot repeats the same tests over and over, but with different roles, the possibility to play with other friends managed by computer or console is appreciated when we can’t find friends online. Beside chance to have fun together and staying together so that they don’t “literally” die of fear is one of their greatest achievements. It also offers: Possibility to gradually develop your characterlevel up so we can use more and better equipment each time, increase class-specific skills, and access new accessories.


Exactly, ‘Evil Dead’ is a highly recommended purchase for fans, those who like gory or horror games, and those who like to multiplayer games with their friends.. While its useful life may not last as long as other games, it will give us more than a reasonable amount of fun and we hope it will be extended with new content to come.

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