A history with urban culture in Alicante

Alicante prepares stand up like meeting point of city culture this weekend from his hand Serves Alicante Y urban tacticsBringing a concert of the legendary American band to Las Cigarreras Arrested Development this friday and jam Saturday, a day dedicated street art in all its aspects in the Secadero and Trasera of the cultural center with a dozen participating artists music.

Atlanta Black Gang (USA) Arrested Development, winner of two Grammy Awards and The most social hip-hop pioneers since its founding in 1988was supposed to perform at Atiende Alicante last year, but the pandemic prevented that. This Friday at 9 PM Arrested Development will show why they continue to be a mirror to look at. Thirty years later, with their fifteenth album, For the love of FKNin a performance that will include invited names from Alicante, such as Jaloner, Dabe and Talym Kolorbesides MC Pom Gee.

presence of Americans “sponsor” in Alicante jam the next day’s organized by the artists’ collective urban tactics and produced by the Valencia Community Museums Consortium. jam a full day dedicated to urban music and street art this will turn out Between 11:00 and 11:00 and all events Free.

Beatbox and freestyle workshops are held on Wednesday, and a talk is held on Friday at 19.00. Battles, Breakdance, meetings and bass drums. Big boom of hip-hop culture from Alicante to all of Spain with Tom Rock and Picolo among other guests.

R de Rumba joins La Jam at Las Cigarreras on Saturday INFORMATION

Ivan Lopez NavarroLa Jam de Urban Tactics coordinator underlines the need to underline. Importance of Alicante in Spanish hip hop history Since the 1980s, when a man from Alicante won the breakdancing competition in America Toccata; Tom Rock or Crazy 13 They were among the first graffiti artists and The explosion of rap in Spain ignited the fuse At a party at the Va Bene nightclub in 1993.” That’s past, López adds. left a valid residuee.g freestyle (Arkano, Jaloner, Zasko)and now merges with the present and future of Alicante hip hop culture.

Kiamya with Norim and Chabela Garcia INFORMATION

Although the highlight of La Jam is the music, in the morning sneaker customization workshops; Rudi will do graffiti Behind Las Cigarreras and Alicante Colors will develop another group with the help of the people; In addition to the Freestyle, Beat Box, Break, Bmx exhibition, there will be a rap and book promotion by Pome Gee in Valencian language. Graffiti Around the World 2 by elrincondelasboquillasan urban art tour embodied on walls around the world.

Concerts that will start at 17.30 seven musiciansled by Ruben Cuevas Garcia’s photo.better known R for RumbaSpanish DJ and producer, member of rap group verse rapiststo be followed Beat Box Da Monky Fonky, Ymmy, Kiamya, Cooking Skills, Erick Hervé & Dj Rosvill and Picolo.

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