Cyberexpert warns it’s 100% impossible to secure devices 12:42

No gadget, website or social network can be 100% secure. declaration In an interview with RIAMO, cyber expert Sergei Vakulin commented on the news that the FSB had uncovered a US intelligence operation through malware infiltrating Apple smartphones belonging to ordinary Russians and diplomats. At the same time, the agency’s interlocutor emphasized that this is not a reason to abandon the device.

“There are already known or unknown viruses, bugs, vulnerabilities. Refusing to use the product because a virus was found there, because in any case, a cure will be found for it in the near future, it’s like staying home, because a car may crash or a meteorite may fall, ”Vakulin believes.

He added that domestic smartphones will not appear on the Russian market soon.

According to the FSB, several thousand iPhones of Russian and foreign users turned out to be infected malware. In this regard, the Russian intelligence service believes that Apple is collaborating with American intelligence.

Source: Gazeta


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