“They started giving heads together, not to one person, but to everyone.” How have DDoS attacks changed?

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Ramil Khantimirov, CEO and co-founder of security company StormWall, told socialbites.ca that if the victim is not using DDoS protection services, it will likely be enough to “close down” a computer site.

“A 1 Tbps attack can really be bought for $2.5k a week, but it is important to understand that many sites are not as well-protected as we think and 100-200 Mbps properly created will be enough to withdraw 90% of the order. sites, ”the expert warned.

According to him, in general, the prices of such attacks vary. Denis Kuskov, CEO of the Telecom Daily analytical agency, told socialbites.ca that the average cost of DDoS attacks is several thousand dollars.

He explained that there is only one equivalent of this amount in dollars, that such transactions are carried out in cryptocurrency. “The cost is much higher when it comes to better protected resources,” Kuskov said.

The head of StormWall states that resources on which DDoS protection depends may also be victims of attacks.

“Everything depends on the correctness of the connection and the quality of the filtering. If the protection is connected illiterately, in most cases it is enough to buy a list of proxies for a few dollars for a successful attack, ”explained Khantimirov.

Format changes

Previously, DDoS attacks were carried out specifically to harm someone, which was a narrow direction, Denis Kuskov told socialbites.ca.

“But it’s happening globally now. That is, they began to give someone not on the head, but all together. For example, to all major media outlets, all major banks,” said the head of Telecom Daily.

According to Ramil Khantimirov of StormWall, today it is possible to “put” a competitor on the Internet for free, with minimal knowledge of the advanced computer user.

“There are many ready-made tools for DDoS attacks in the public domain,” he said.

The expert said that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are in groups supporting DDoS attacks under the auspices of the Ukrainian IT Army.

“They are currently being trained to carry out standalone attacks, and this will lead to a further increase in their numbers in both the near and long term,” Khantimirov said.

StormWall estimates that DDoS attacks typically exceed 1 Tbps at this time. In December 2021, the company’s experts recorded sustained botnet attacks reaching 1.2 Tbps.

DDoS as a service

soon report Information security company Netscout stated that cybercriminals are increasingly using DDoS attacks for intimidation purposes.

It is stated that DDoS attacks are now much cheaper. According to experts, most of the services that offer DDoS services for money give their customers free trial basic attacks as a bonus.

Netscout reviewed 19 such services. Some even offer a five-day trial for $5. A full-fledged attack with one hundred simultaneous attacks is estimated at $ 6.5 thousand.

In 2021, cybergroups REvil, BlackCat, AvosLocker, and Suncrypt used DDoS attacks to extort money from victims.

StormWall’s Ramil Khantimirov believes that the report does not make a point about new trends in DDoS.

“We are seeing an organic increase in the number of attacks associated with the emergence of cheaper means of their implementation, and an unprecedented increase in the number of attacks in connection with the escalation of the political situation in the world,” he said. concluded.

Denis Kuskov from TelecomDaily warned that any attempt to use such services, including to fight business rivals, is a criminal offence.

“For example, for the bidding period, to disarm an opponent and win. “Even if we are talking about a one-time application, this is a naturally criminal method,” he said.

DDoS attacks are cybercrime in Russian law. In 2021, about 518,000 cybercrimes were recorded in Russia. Criminal cases may also be initiated regarding the use of information technology in connection with hacking, fraud and online gambling.

DDoS attacks have become easier, more accessible, and affordable, and it’s not the most expensive service on the black market, according to a Netscout report. Experts interviewed by socialbites.ca talked about how much it costs, what kind of attack can be considered successful, and how the DDoS market has changed recently.

Source: Gazeta


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