Now you can definitely put Windows 10 on Steam Deck – but there is a nuance

Continuation: Youtubers tested Steam Deck with Windows and delivered a verdictValve has released drivers for Windows 10 for Steam Deck. This way you can install a full Microsoft operating system on the console.

As noted, drivers for the video card, WiFi and Bluetooth are ready so far, but audio is not supported yet, although you can connect a sound card via USB. There are a few important points:

  • Valve does not support if Windows is installed on the Steam Deck.
  • If you want, you can go back to SteamOS.
  • Multiboot is supported by the console itself, but SteamOS doesn’t know how yet, so you have to choose between systems.
  • Installing Windows on the console will erase all data.
  • Windows 11 support coming soon, new BIOS firmware with fTPM support coming soon.

Apparently there are no restrictions on the edition of Windows 10.­čś▒Hogwarts Legacy gameplay shown

Source: VG Times


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