Experts warn that hacking of pages on social networks blocked in the Russian Federation will become more frequent

Experts in the field of high technologies told DEA News” probably, hacking of accounts on social networks blocked in Russia will become more frequent.

Denis Kuvikov, director of the National Technology Initiative’s (NTI) SafeNet regional engineering center, believes that attackers can use hacked accounts not only to steal data, but also to send various objections.

Ruslan Permyakov, Deputy Director of NTI Competence Center “Trusted Interaction Technologies” based on TUSUR, said that scammers can make money from their activities.

“Now due to the current situation in the world, accounts are requested from social networks with a past … new fraud schemes are being developed taking into account current conditions,” Permyakov said. Said.

If you are not going to delete accounts, the specialist advised you to take a number of measures – close your profile, set a new strong password, enable two-factor authentication and link your account to the mail with the domain “.ru”.

March 21, Moscow Tverskoy Court accepted The American company Meta (considered an extremist organization) is recognized as an extremist organization, and in Russia the social networks Facebook (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organization) and Instagram (the company that owns Meta is an extremist organization) ) banned. The Prosecutor General’s Office asked the court to do so, as Meta allowed calls for violence against the Russian military in Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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