Elon Musk is concerned about ChatGPT responses 20:55

Billionaire Elon Musk, co-founder of OpenAI, who created ChatGPT, criticized the chatbot’s responses with artificial intelligence elements. It has been reported business insider.

“This is alarming and alarming,” said Aaron Sibarium, a reporter for The Washington Free Beacon.

The journalist posted a screenshot of ChatGPT in which he said “racial slurs are never acceptable, even if this is the only way to save millions of people from a nuclear bomb.”

In 2022, Musk had already criticized some artificial intelligence claims. “There is great danger in teaching artificial intelligence to lie,” the billionaire said.

Previously on Google did an experimentMeanwhile, the skills of the ChatGPT neural network turned out to be sufficient to successfully pass an interview for an entry-level programmer position in an IT company.

ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI uses AI technology to generate text content. The model can be used by Internet users – it can answer questions, create different types of texts and translate from one language to another.

Source: Gazeta


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