US Department of Energy raises oil production forecast for the country for 2023 20:59

The U.S. Department of Energy has raised its forecast for the country’s average oil production for 2023 by 80,000 barrels per day to 12.49 million barrels. This is indicated in the data of the Energy Information Administration’s monthly short-term forecast. Ministry of Energy.

According to the report, the agency cut its oil production forecast for 2024 by 160 thousand barrels per day to 12.65 million barrels.

US Department of Energy in January reportedIn 2023, a barrel of North Sea Brent oil will cost $83.1, but before that it was assumed that the raw material cost this year would be $92.36.

Prior to that, the Wall Street Journal, citing the forecasts of analysts and traders, WroteCommercial oil inventories in the US are likely to have fallen from last week. writes about it

Source: Gazeta


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