The reason for Elon Musk’s meeting with politicians has been revealed 20:38

Elon Musk, the head of Tesla and SpaceX, organized many meetings with American politicians during his visit to the capital of the USA, Washington. These release reports Policy.

It is noted that the businessman held the first meeting on January 26 on Capitol Hill. He held talks with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Representative Jim Jordan, according to the source.

Musk also met with other members of the House of Representatives, James Comer, Steve Scalise, and Kathy McMorris-Rogers.

Musk himself admitted the fact of several meetings. He assured that he spoke only of the stable functioning of the social network Twitter, for which he has been responsible since October 2022. The businessman drew attention to the importance of complying with the first amendment regarding freedom of expression in the USA.

Politico pointed out that all politicians are members of the Republican Party. According to them, Musk has not yet met with any representatives of the Democratic Party.

Representative Adam Schiff told Politico that he is deeply concerned about the way Musk is managing Twitter. “The company looks like a flashy project that didn’t go according to plan due to the outpouring of hate on this platform,” the Democrat concluded.

Formerly Elon Musk declarationHe said that he closed his profile on the social network for experimentation purposes.

Source: Gazeta


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