Spanish rider Izan Guevara (GasGas) triumphed in Moto3 at the German Grand Prix, the tenth round of the Motorcycle World Championship, which brought him closer to the world leader. Sergio Garcia Dols (GasGas).

Guevara scored his second consecutive victory and his third of the year after the Catalonian Grand Prix. and her fifth podium in a row Just seven points behind his teammate and leader, who finished third behind Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda).

Sachsering was offered A bumpy start for Carlos Tatay (CFMoto)collapsed into the first corner of the first lap after touching Italian Riccardo Rossi (Honda). Meanwhile, Guevara did not give a chance to surprise and defended his pole position.

Barcelona’s runner-up David Muñoz (KTM) moved up to fourth place, but a 22nd lap error allowed the Leopards and García Dols to overtake him. The leader managed to reach the podium positions after just a few laps.

slowly More than four seconds away from Palmafollowed by Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda), Burriana’s and Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna) for the other two boxes ‘hit’, a fight to the end.

The man from Alpine and the man from Castellón managed to outrun the Japanese and finished second in an exciting final lap; García Dols managed to pass you while braking on lap 13, but Foggia reversed the pass to lead the finish line.

when it comes the rest of the Spaniards, Dani Holgado (KTM) sixth, Adrián Fernández (KTM) eighth, just ahead of David Muñoz (KTM) and Iván Ortolá (KTM), Jaume Masià (KTM) twelfth, Xavi Artigas (CFMoto) fourteenth and Ana Carrasco ( KTM) twenty seconds. Carlos Tatay (CFMoto) did not finish the test.