Ezra Miller is unlikely to continue playing the Flash

Foreign media have reported that The Flash, which will be released in 2023, is likely Ezra Miller’s last project in the DC Universe. According to Deadline sources at Warner Bros. Discovery, the actor got into scandal more than once, although the film studio tried to help him.

Only in the current year, the media reported two cases of inappropriate behavior by the actor. For example, he tried to seduce an 18-year-old girl. And because the movie studio bosses have to decide what to do with the future of the movie. There are currently three options:

  1. Promote the film minimally;
  2. Run it only on the HBO Max streaming service and write off the cost;
  3. Continue promoting the movie as it was and then drop Ezra Miller if things can’t be fixed.

It’s not clear yet which option the studio will choose, but it looks like Miller will no longer be playing the Flash.🇵🇱 The Poles are making a “morally ambiguous” RPG about the occupation of Warsaw by the Russian Empire

Source: VG Times


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