Nora Ephron: 10 years without the woman who restored the honor of romantic comedy

nora efron still among us: it can be seen in every new romantic comedy that comes out, ‘flea bag’ Y ‘star strike’which Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Rose Matafeoin turn, they paid tribute as they reworked the legacy of the film’s screenwriter. ‘When Harry Met Sally’. But judging by the mundane calendars and the harsh realities, it will be 10 years since he died of leukemia on Sunday, the 26th. He was 71 years old.

The same Sunday, TCM will premiere its 2015 documentary. ‘Everything is a copy’an attempt by his son Jacob Bernstein (hand in hand with Nick Hooker) to better understand his mother through his family, friends and collaborators. Beyond the search process, Bernstein gave Terry Gross on NPR an excuse to spend more time with Nora: “Seeing her on a monitor, reading her old essays, rereading ‘The Cake Is Over’… net.


The late premiere of ‘Everything is a copy’ will be the culmination of a one-month specific revival: On the 6th, Libros del Asteroides is released in Spanish ‘I don’t remember anything’ The closest thing to a memoir that Ephron wrote is a short but intense collection of essays from 2010. Relative memories, if we take into account that already in the first text he details the various forms of forgetfulness that plagued him at the time.

Let’s make some memory. nora efron Born in New York in 1941, parents’ playwrights. They wanted to write for Hollywood so they took the family to Beverly Hills and they did it without breaking the bank. Before Ephron became someone without his parents He studied politics, was a postman for ‘Newsweek’ and wrote about murders for the ‘New York Post’. second husband, between 1967 and 1976 Carl BernsteinKnown as one of the men who uncovered Watergate, he is also known as the man who broke Nora Ephron’s heart.

Stormy relationship with Bernstein

He vividly described this in the novel ‘The cake is finished’ and coincidentally, he was responsible for the movie adaptation of the book; His second screenplay for Mike Nichols after ‘Silkwood’. Bernstein was impressed by the experience, but agreed to act in his son’s documentary without really knowing how he would turn out. Jacob is generous and portrays him as a father who, if not a good husband, is at least concerned about being close to his children.

But the scenario that truly glorified Ephron was more optimistic from the point of view of relations between men and women. Optimistic without ceasing to be realistic: It’s hard for one and the other to be friends without their ulterior motives that end up ruining everything. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Based on the director’s idea Rob Reiner: “Let’s make a movie about a man and a woman who are friends and don’t go to bed so as not to mess things up, but one day they go and screw everything up.” And by ruining it, they made us believe in love again. Since then, no other romantic comedy has aired as inspiring as its fans. Jenny Han (‘To all the men I’ve loved before’) from time to time we want to fool ourselves.

Ephron, now a director, continued to explore the genre. ‘Something to remember’about love in movies almost more than love, or ‘You have an email’The updated version of Lubitsch’s ‘Arcade of Surprises’. Soon after, with ‘Julie and Julia’, he discovered an idea that wasn’t very popular in the cinema: romantic marriage. That’s right, after the last kiss and marriage, the two can still have a good time. What happened to Ephron Nicholas PileggiAuthor of the books that gave birth to ‘One of Us’ and ‘Casino’. The happiness of Julia (Meryl Streep) and Paul Child (Stanley Tucci) is a clear tribute to Nora and Nicholas’ endless adventure.

Life as writing material

All the bad in life, but also the good ones, even the neutral ones, are the material for the writer. This was the philosophy of her mother, Phoebe Ephron: “Everything is material.” But Nora stopped using her leukemia diagnosis for nothing. Actually, kept his illness a secret everything he can do. He had friends that he had invited to his last dinner and that only he knew would be the last. A control freak must be frustrated that he’s faced something beyond his will. “Keeping it a secret was something that allowed him to walk around the world with a sense of control,” Jacob Bernstein told Gross in the aforementioned NPR interview.

But there were some clues in the ‘I don’t remember anything’ section: In a way, Nora was buying all her fans one last supper.. The little book closes with two lists, one of ‘Things I Will Not Miss’ and the other of things I will miss. Among the latter are “spring”, “walk in the park”, “just the two of us dinner at home” and “cakes” to close without excessive drama. Are you talking about the pie Rachel/Nora made for Mark/Carl in ‘Out of Cake’? The last big joke. Sweet.

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