Hercules fans don’t give up. Blue-and-white fans continue to protest against Enrique Ortiz’s administration and are willing to continue their claims during the Hogueras Mascletás in Luceros. With the maximum shareholder of Hercules after the demonstration in the center of Alicante, anger is at its maximum. fans continued their protest. By the way, Absolute silence at Rico Pérez. Absolutely nothing moves, at least in public.

Meanwhile, this Friday (11.30) Rico Pérez is expected to be at gate 0. Xavier LopezUnited We Can EUPV municipal group spokesperson and Natxo BellidoThe spokesperson of the municipal group Compromís presents the corporate statement on the situation that Hercules CF SAD will hold at the plenary meeting on the 30th of this month.

This will be the second institutional statement about Hercules made at the plenary session, because passed unanimously last year Letter accepted “in solidarity with Hércules CF fans” by all municipal groups due to the poor performance of the team after its relegation to the fourth category of Spanish football. Mayor Luis Barcala read the unanimous statement that the council wanted above all to “show its solidarity with the feelings of Herculaneum fans who were fascinated and demoralized by the team’s drift”.

Subsequently, the City Council urged the current owners of the blue and white property to “act generously and responsibly to defend the interests of Sociedad Anónima Deportiva, which is much more than a company and represents one of the largest as a football club”. distinctive features of the city. At the same time, the City Council wanted to transfer the club’s property “the need to have Herculaneum fans for joint solutions to the negative progress of the team and the sports establishment.”

The corporate declaration resulted in the transfer of this deal to the Hercules owners last year. Prior to the unanimous approval of this statement, Enrique Tébar, president of the Herculanos Association, intervened in the plenary meeting of the City Council.

A year later, the action is repeated weeks after the demonstration on the streets of Alicante, which on this occasion ended with the reading of a manifesto by the supporters of Hercules on the streets of Alicante.

Format change in play-off

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) offered Return to “play-off” format with qualifying rounds from 2022-2023 seasonDuring the Second B-Second RFEF Commission held in Las Rozas this Thursday, a criterion that will apply to the rest of the categories – First and Third RFEF.

The organ reminded this Thursday that the final stage was implemented during a pandemic period, with a single venue to ensure the completion of the competitions.

“After the period of reflection and consultation that the RFEF started this Monday with regional federations and clubs, a return to the traditional format with two-leg qualifiers has been recommended,” he said.

Also, in the Second RFEF case, The system would be the same for the Persistence TournamentIt is played by the four worst teams that finish their group in thirteenth place.

Three days ago, RFEF announced that it has started a dialogue with RFEF First, Second and Third clubs, with single-match qualifiers at designated venues, to improve competition after the use of a «play-off» system in the 21-22 season. a format questioned by the body itself, by some participants.

The one that caused the most criticism was the image left with empty stands.In the most important games of the year. Only local clubs or, as in Real Murcia, the closest clubs were accompanied by their fans. The rest had to settle for the support of a few hundred followers, given the difficulty and cost of the trip.

Hercules’ last game in the playoffs ALEX DOMINGUEZ

For once, fans, clubs and players have raised their voices to protest a model that was accepted during the coronavirus season but no longer makes sense to many.

Although the federation has benefited most from this format, which has replaced the traditional round trip format, they did not want to heat things up in Spain any further and sent a letter to the clubs to let them know they were open to discussion.

Diputación has not signed the playoff dispute in Alicante for three consecutive seasons, he admitted, so the state will only be able to benefit from one campaign and, as everything shows, the format will be changed.