‘Lightyear’, the movie that took ‘Toy Story’ to hyperspace

in 2000, Disney Y pixar ‘Buzz Lightyear: The Movie’ premieres direct-to-video, a 2D animated film in which the famous space guardian confronts the evil Emperor Zurg. The film was a sort of sequel or complement to ‘Toy Story 2’, where the lousy Zurg was already facing our hero, and gave rise to the ‘Buzz Lightyear: Space Guardians’ series, where he ran his own fleet. The supreme goal of keeping peace in the Galactic Alliance. It’s basically here and not in the toy universe of ‘Toy Story’. Thematic inspirations from Disney-Pixar’s new bet ‘Lightyear’ hits theaters this friday as ‘convert’or the singular prequel to the gorgeous animated tetralogy.

Because ‘Lightyear’ actually belongs to the ‘Toy Story’ setting, but It is not a continuation of use.. As you know, the brave space guardian was little Andy’s favorite toy in the first part of the saga, but what they didn’t know was that the jointed figure was a replica of the character from a ‘real’ movie, the boy I was in. tied up. As we are informed in an effective first label that puts us in a situation, this ‘real’ movie is exactly ‘Lightyear’, a fast-paced story about the origins of the galactic hero. in the form of classic sci-fi adventures. So we’re in a movie within a movie where we know nothing about Andy, Woody, or Rex; it’s no small feat given the status of a charismatic idol of successive generations of children who haven’t been quite the boy since Buzz Lightyear’s famous appearance in 1995.

trapped in space-time

In the ‘Lightyear’, our friend Trapped on a distant and hostile planet in the company of the crew of a huge spaceship sailing through space. The problem is that it was his bad decision, the result of his arrogance, that caused the ship to be disabled and unable to return to Earth. The impulsive and adventurous ‘range’ like Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell from ‘Top Gun’ will try to make up for the mistake by pretending to be a test pilot with fuel to keep the ship moving. jump into hyperspace.

But it is already known that flying at near-light speeds expands time (remember the episodes around the black hole in ‘Interstellar’) and that the Light-Year will reach a planet-dominated future after successive technical failures. by a team of robots controlled by the brutal Zurg. In an attempt to finish off the villain and meanwhile return to Earth, the ‘range’ will agree to take it. help from a devastated group of soldiers and above all, Sox, the robot cat who would become the show’s big king given his status as a lovable plane thief. An epic path where Buzz Lightyear will learn to be another kind of hero who can shed the layer of toxic masculinity, realizing that the success of his mission can come not from his arrogant masculine courage but from the invaluable help of others. .

Adventure, comedy and emotion

‘Lightyear’, directed by Angus MacLane, co-directed with Andrew Stanton of ‘Finding Dory’ (2016), The first movie to hit theaters from the factory before making it on the Disney+ platform since the beginning of the pandemic. The film may lack the depth, risk, and creativity of Pixar’s great offerings (including some new ones like ‘Luca’ or ‘Red’), but it exudes a sense of adventure with its heartfelt homage to the most classic: fascinating spaceships packed with mighty powers. analog technology, monstrous subterranean creatures, hordes of metal robots and time travel (to infinity and beyond) create a cocktail that deliberately strays from the ‘Toy Story’ universe. surrender to the heroic saga without apology With those basic hits of comedy and emotion that Pixar treats like a fish in water.

Censorship in various countries

The film arrives in theaters with an unfortunate controversy, as it won’t be shown in 14 countries in the Middle East and Asia, including Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia, at one point due to an (honorable) appearance. kiss between two married women, one of them is Commander Alisha Hawthorne, Buzz Lightyear’s superior (and great friend). According to Reuters, it seems The movie is unlikely to be released in China.largest movie market in the world.

Disney cut the kissing scene until the anti-LGBT law scandal erupted in Florida (the controversial ‘Don’t say gay’ banning teachers from talking about sexual orientation to their students), and after pressure from his party, he rallied it. Pixar, the subsidiary company, which condemns the systematic elimination by the parent company of many characters, stories, and situations with an LGTBI sensibility.

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