An experienced player of the USSR national team said that bastards work in UEFA 04:36

Former CSKA and USSR national team defender Vladimir Ponomarev said that the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which canceled its decision to admit Russian youth teams to tournaments, bowed to pressure from other countries. He shared his opinion with him RIA News.

“This was expected. This decision was influenced primarily by pressure from other countries. And UEFA gave up. But there is no need to even talk about it. There is no need to embarrass yourself about it. This mess is over and it is better to seriously consider moving to Asia. In the meantime , very good option. Don’t care about them! Bastards! – said Ponomarev.

On October 10, UEFA announced that the decision on the admission of Russian youth teams from under-17 players to international competitions was canceled and this issue was removed from the agenda of the board meeting.

On 26 September, the UEFA Executive Committee proposed allowing Russian youth teams to participate in tournaments with neutral status. Following this, some countries, including England and Ukraine, announced that they intended to boycott the matches played with Russian teams.

In the spring of 2022, the International Football Federation (FIFA) and UEFA decided to suspend the participation of the Russian national team, as well as all Russian clubs, in all competitions controlled by these organizations.

Previously representative explained Repeated bans of young people from Russia from participating in international tournaments.

Source: Gazeta


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