It was 12:49 when Luis de la Fuente appeared in the Luis Aragonés room of the Ciudad Deportiva de Las Rozas. Blue jacket with white shirt and blue round neck sweater. It’s as far from the formal federative tie as it is from the casual polo shirt. Luis Enrique, The La Rioja man began by speaking in front of journalists’ questions with the close and familiar treatment he plans to mark his time as Spain coach: “Good morning, The first thing I want is to welcome you to our home, to the Federation, at this first press conference. I want to thank my coach and coaching team for three months for their tremendous work that has made my decision making so easy”.

Sergio Ramos, hero

And the shooting began. Here is the first of eight questions to be asked. Sergio Ramoswho received an elegant glove with an open hand in response: “We’re not going to talk about people who weren’t there, but I want to get this done. My admiration and appreciation for a player who made history in the national team. After saying this, it was a private conversation and I have a good habit of not broadcasting private conversations. All I have to say is that he is a new coach with new ideas and new players and I want to instill confidence and confidence in him. From here It was a siege outside and the conversation he had with the Camasian, but he avoided it with obvious annoyance. “No calls, it was a video call,” he points out. So the faces saw them.

A dozen cameras were pointed at him, and more than fifty journalists were listening intently, along with a group of Costa Rican technicians scattered around the room. De la Fuente repeated words like “team”, “game idea”, “agree” or “naturalness” in a jarring way. Although it was his first appearance, the man from La Rioja seemed comfortable in front of the press and a group that included such well-known football figures as Pablo Amo, Ettien, Tito, Javier López Vallejo, Raúl Ruiz… Coach tried to explain the ideology of the game and It is a clear call that Spain has moved from La Masia to northern round-trip football played at Lezama, Anoeta and Tajonar. Football with up to four strikers (Morata, Joselu, Aspas and Gerard Moreno) is a figure not seen in a call for an election in years. From spoon and touch football to knife and fork football, it’s vertical and dizzying.

De la Fuente’s Faith

De la Fuente was reading his faith while avoiding each other’s questions. “There is no untouchables”… “The game has an idea and there may be several plans to make it happen”… “There are systems that I like better but we will stick to one idea and play in different ways from time to time”… “We don’t just wear armbands, I want a captain with a captain who adds as an example”… Minutes passed and the man from La Rioja confirmed the transition from “Luis Enrique’s transition to “Luis’ team”. A more corollary selection idea, escaping the polarization of Spanish fans around the figure of coach Luis Enrique. that he did not give his name during the entire press conference and was very careful to avoid any comparison with him.

It was more rustic than Lucho’s until the staging of the call, with the original videos created by the Federation to announce the roster. De la Fuente hung some photos of selected players on a shopkeeper’s rope., during adolescence, when they play in the subcategories. It’s far from the tech media impressions of its predecessor. There is no news from Twitch during this period of de la Fuente, and it doesn’t look like it will.

The existing ‘delafuentólogos’ bet that Yeray and Gabri Veiga would appear at the meeting, but in the end something did not happen. Vigo’s junior team will be the head of a mouse among the Under-21s who expect to be the tail of the lion in a future election where they have more opportunities. In this first one, Haro’s has a lot of players to watch out for. Of the 26 repetitions, 11 are replays, but fifteen are new bets. And waiting for the others. Le Normand must unravel the handling of his dual citizenship, the César Azpilicueta he is interested in must heal as he counts together for the goal Unai Simón. Bjacetic will pass U21 first, and Marco Asensio asked him to “continue to fight, show more capacity for sacrifice and above all not stop being ambitious”.

Haaland ‘premiere’ defense

He faces Odegaard’s Norway, his first challenge on Tuesday, and above all Haaland. It is much more than a reaffirmation for De la Fuente and its centres, especially in the absence of Sergio Ramos. If the city cannibal beats the coach-selected defenders like Laporte, Nacho, Íñigo or David García, Pharaoh de Camas will be more of a hero than at the premiere at the next press conference. Until that happens, the new coach will step off the scaffold and open the doors to the public for his new team’s first practice on Monday at 7 PM. The “Luis team” is already a reality.