Model Ashley Graham says her husband had a vasectomy after giving birth to twins 12:09

Plus-size model Ashley Graham revealed that her cameraman husband, Justin Ervin, had a vasectomy after the twins were born. The model spoke about it on the Bobbie podcast’s Milk Drunk broadcast, the publication reported. TO! news.

Ashley Graham was a guest on the Milk Drunk by Bobbie podcast, where she shared her motherhood experiences. When asked by the presenters whether the model plans to have another child, she replied that for this she will have to look for a new husband, because the current one can no longer have children.

“We are in total vasectomy mode. Now he’s blanking. Thank God I don’t need to take birth control pills anymore,” she said.

According to the model, her husband quickly recovered from the operation. “Right after that, Justin went shopping with me,” she said.

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin got married in August 2010. In January 2020, the couple had a son named Isaac, and in July 2021, twins Malakay and Roman were born.

Formerly said Three plus-size models in translucent dresses posed for the cover of Vogue.

Source: Gazeta


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