Puig wants Oltra’s resignation to be decided this week

Generalitat President Ximo Puig wants the open crisis that followed the indictment of Mónica Oltra, Vice President and Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policy, to be resolved this week. At least in regards to his persistence in positions of maximum responsibility at Consell. And he gives a warning to sailors: decisions must be taken collectively, not only in the hands of Compromis, but also in a coalition government like Botànic.

“I’m not for parties.” That was the thought of the Consell president when asked for his opinion on the event held by Compromis last Saturday, which eventually turned into a closure with the Valencian leaders. From the concise response to the journalists’ questions, it is clear that this event, held in the midst of the current Valencian Government’s greatest political storm, did not please Palau at all.

After the indictment, Puig called for “personal and collective” reflection on Oltra’s future within the Valencia Board of Directors. Now, will decisions be made before the vice president goes to testify in court on July 6? “We have a lot of time to finalize this week, sooner or later it will be.” That was the autonomous president’s response.

“We cannot disappoint the Valencian community, we must put above all a project that succeeds in raising the Community’s mortgage of reputation,” he said after an action at the La Nau Cultural Center in the face of the Oltra (Compromís) situation. as she was investigated for alleged cover-ups of her ex-husband’s sexual abuse of a custodial minor.

The head of Consell stressed that Botànic is a Government shared by three political forces and therefore the decisions taken cover not only Oltra or Compromís but also its derivatives “many actors” and this is an agreement. above all with Valencian society”

While the Valencian president did not specify whether he planned to meet with her, he insisted that “times in politics are necessary” and that “each should do a personal reflection and then a chorus”.

“Thinking is always a basic condition for human beings, everyone should reflect and then share it with all the actors who have to make a decision. Of course, everyone in the area of ​​responsibility should decide. I will stay for today, I have already said what I wanted to say,” he concluded.

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