Good weather is coming, holidays and to travel. If you’re planning a getaway outside of our country or to a national destination but are about to board a plane, you’re probably already thinking about what it’s going to be like. cabin bag.


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The best thing you can do to find out is to look at the website of the company you’re traveling to, as features tend to vary from one to the next. But if you’re looking for a suitable suitcase at Ikea, they have a suitcase that can serve you.

travel bag Varldens It’s more of a backpack than a suitcase, making it easy to carry on your back or with a hand strap. has the capacity 16 litersIt weighs 0.35 kg and is made of recycled polyester. It has convenient compartments for storage 13” laptop or tablet and all your personal belongings.

It has two open pockets to keep everything close at hand, and you can also attach your keys to a key ring in the outer pocket so you don’t go crazy looking for them. It has the following measurements:

  • Depth: 12 centimeters

  • Height: 44 centimeters

  • Width: 28 centimeters

has a price 20 euros.

Another suitcase from Ikea

If you are looking for this type of backpack but need one with superior dimensions, there is another one. Världens with dimensions of 33x17x55 cm and a capacity of 36 liters. They explain on the Ikea website that it’s “ideal for storing clothes, toiletry bags, yoga mats or anything else you need to take with you.”

This backpack has a separate padded zippered compartment where you can store a 15” laptop or tablet. You can store the shoulder straps in the back compartment.

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There are two more zippered compartments on the front and inside another large bag to store clothes, shoes or a toiletry bag. It also has two mesh compartments for storing mobile chargers or glasses case, for example. It has a padded back and also has a key ring to hang keys.

In the reviews on the Ikea website, they emphasize that it is comfortable and functional, ideal for a weekend or even a four-day trip. They also emphasize the high value of this backpack compared to its price, and some point out that they can be carried as hand luggage on the plane. The price of this Ikea suitcase 40 euros.