“Unscheduled hospitalization”: Tarasova’s health problems worsened

Tatyana Tarasova, the honored coach of the USSR in figure skating, was hospitalized, the R-Sport agency reported. The cause was back problems, and the hospitalization was not actually planned and was due to exacerbation of long-standing problems.

“He was admitted to an unscheduled hospitalization. I’m not feeling very well, ”Tarasova told Sport24.

At the same time, the hospital visit did not last long, and now the legend of the coaching workshop was discharged from the medical facility.

“I am currently at home in my country. I have been to the hospital before. But I am at home now. But thank you for your concern about my health,” R-Sport said in his words.

Tatyana Tarasova is the daughter of the famous Soviet coach Anatoly Tarasov, who worked with CSKA Moscow and the national hockey team.

Tarasova was engaged in figure skating and performed in pairs, but at the age of 20 she began coaching and became famous, achieving great success in this field.

During her coaching career, Tarasova’s wards won seven Olympic gold medals, and also won 41 world and European championships.

Twice gold was taken at the Games between sports couples Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev in 1976 and 1980, in 1988 Natalya Bestemyanova and Andrei Bukin won in dance in Calgary, four years later the coach led Marina Klimova and Sergey Ponomarenko to Olympic glory. dance, in 1998 Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov won in dances, and Ilya Kulik excelled in the men’s singles.

Perhaps the most famous and high-profile Olympic victory of Tatiana Tarasova’s student was the success of Alexei Yagudin in a tense and dramatic battle with compatriot Evgeni Plushenko in Salt Lake City 2002.

Among Tarasova’s former wards are many foreign athletes: Denis Ten, Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir, Shizuka Arakawa, Barbara Fusar-Poli, Evan Lysacek and Mao Asada, who took Olympic silver under the guidance of a Russian specialist. World Championship gold.

March 21, 2008 Tarasova was inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Tarasova also has many theatrical performances and figure shows on ice. She was a judge on the Ice Age project, and also commented on the figure skating competitions for Channel One and Match TV.

Tarasova, who recently celebrated her 75th birthday in February, has curtailed her professional activities, but quite regularly comments on activities in her favorite sport.

For example, one expert recently evaluated the words that Alexandra Trusova was the one who should win the Games in Beijing in 2022, and that Eteri Tutberidze was second only to another student, Anna Shcherbakova.

“This is his opinion. Was there at least one judge who put him first? He does not have. Probably, the resentment speaks to Sasha now. But you have to blame yourself for everything, – quotes Sport24 Tarasova.

– I think Sasha’s program has been prepared for many years. She can’t be compared to anyone, she. If it had slipped cleanly, the gold would indeed be his.

And if Sasha is riding dirty, then there is no point in talking about something and offending. Like my dad said, you gotta look for your shit in yourself, not others.

Honored coach of the USSR in figure skating and well-known commentator Tatyana Tarasova was hospitalized for worsening back problems, but already discharged from the medical facility and, in her own words, in the country.

Source: Gazeta


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