we told you before about wardrobes, shoemakers and even ikea kitchens. But what you may not know about the Swedish giant is that it also has a large collection of curtains.


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this curtains They are undoubtedly a staple when it comes to decorating your home, as they add a touch of style to the rooms. heat which is appreciated. And not only that, the factor privacy is also important. If you want to hide from the prying eyes of neighbors or passers-by, curtains are your greatest help.

That’s why you should know that you don’t need to spend a fortune on them either. Here is a selection of curtains you can find at Ikea at a very affordable price: less than 15 euros.

cheap curtains at Ikea

The first option we bring to you, bymott. they are priced 15 euros and they will help you create a cozy atmosphere while gaining privacy as they allow light to come in and adequately “hide”. You can hang them on a stick or a rail and they are made of polyester and cotton so you can put them in the washer and dryer.

The curtains have a striped pattern and you have white and light gray and white and beige.

Ikea curtains | Striped options are always very stylish IKEA SPAIN

net curtains small They are the lightest of all curtain options. They have a transparent fabric that filters the light and allows you to see outside. As they explain on the web, they are “ideal for a layered solution”.

Lills are priced five euros and is 100% recycled polyester. You can put them in the washing machine, but not in the dryer. Ikea warns that they can shrink by a maximum of 2%.

Ikea curtains | lill net curtains IKEA SPAIN

this live They are thicker white curtains, they also serve to protect your privacy, although they allow light to pass through and prevent reflections on the television. its price 12 eurosThey are produced from polyester and cotton and can shrink by a maximum of 4%. They are suitable for both washer and dryer.

Ikea curtains |  Vivan tulle curtains cost 8 Euros

Ikea curtains | Vivan tulle curtains cost 8 Euros IKEA SPAIN

The last option we show you is the original blind, not the curtain. Schottis costs three euros. It is an ideal solution if you do not want to drill into the wall as it is fixed to the window frame with suction cups.

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They can also be easily cut to the desired size. To clean them, simply pass a soft brush and a duster or vacuum cleaner to them.