present telecommunication It seems that it has become permanent, or at least an alternative for many, having a suitable workspace at home seems essential.


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The pandemic has changed many of our living habits, and in some cases, some of them are related to our lifestyle. worked. During or after the shutdown, many companies offered their employees. telework so you need to set up a place to do it properly.

As a result we found ikea most chair desk The most popular among customers: Markus. It is the “traditional” desk chair that sweeps the prison and stands out. 10 years warranty.

They emphasize this on the webThe height and angle of the Markus are adjustable to fully adapt to your needs. It has adjustable tilt function and locks for added stability. Also, you can completely control it. sitting postures.

a lumbar support For those who have trouble in this area after spending hours at the computer. Fully made backrest knit fabric that provides air circulation and the ventilation in the area is better. It also points out that “this professional chair has been tested for use in offices and meets the safety, stability and durability requirements set by the following standards”: EN 1335 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.

Markus chair Ikea | This model is the most valuable among customers of the Swedish company. IKEA SPAIN

While cleaning, you can use a special product for cleaning textiles and a damp sponge in water. It has two fixed armrests and is designed in dark gray color. its price 169 euros.

Reviews about the Ikea Markus chair

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On the Ikea website this is the most popular model, so 208 comments. Thus, users give an average score of 4.5 out of 5, where the most prominent thing is the ease of installation and functionality. “It is very comfortable and allows a good position. use for a long time”, “probably the best desk chair I have ever bought” or “I have used this chair in my office and Now I got the same with teleworking. I love it because it’s comfortable and I can keep my back straight.”

On the contrary, the reviews that give lower ratings criticize the price they find high.