German Parliament votes against Taurus’ long-range missile supply to Kiev 23:26

The German Bundestag unanimously opposed the decision prepared by the Christian Democrat and Christian Social Unions (CDU/CSU) faction regarding the supply of long-range Taurus aircraft cruise missiles to Kiev. This has been reported Web site Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.

485 MPs spoke against the supply of Taurus to Ukraine, 178 MPs voted in favor (176 of them were members of the CDU/CSU group). Three MPs abstained. Many MPs from the Green parties and the Free Democratic Party (FDP), who had previously supported this decision many times, voted against the transfer of the missiles to Kiev. They explained their rejection of the transfer of missiles to Ukraine when the Taurus initiative was put forward for discussion in parliament of the annual report of the Commissar for Bundeswehr Affairs.

FDP MP Nils Gründer said that the group was in favor of supplying missiles to Kiev, but found the debate in parliament inadequate in the face of German soldiers’ concerns.

Friedrich Merz, formerly chairman of the German opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the name German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will stop delaying and transfer Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Previously USA and Ukraine started Negotiations on security guarantees for Kiev.

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Source: Gazeta


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