Tamarit, the new Minister of Education

The director of Més (former Blok) has agreed to appoint Raquel Tamarit as successor to Vicen Marzà in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The regional secretary for Culture and Sport was the candidate with the most votes to assume this part of the Generalitat, compared to other options such as the spokesperson for Compromís in Diputación de Alicante. Gerard Fullana. Along with them, Maria Josep Amigó, vice-president of the Valencian Provincial Council, also appeared at the pools. The decision needs to be approved by the executive of Compromís, who met before the planned public appearance with all the spokespersons of the Valencia coalition, which Consel’s vice-president Mónica Oltra is expected to attend. rows.

Tamarit represents continuity in the ministry a year before the elections, such that in some sectors she is seen as a natural substitute because she already knows the department and comes from the education sector – she is a teacher – with nuance she is a woman who allows herself to respect parity within her representative quota. Actually, Rafa Air ConditionerThe Minister of Sustainable Economy is the other representative that the former Blok (one of the three parties forming the coalition) has in the Government. Tamarit was the spokesperson for the Bloc municipal group in Sueca (Valencia). Joan Baldovi He was mayor and is considered one of the current national MP’s most trusted people.

For her part, Fullana has always been very in tune with Marzà. In fact, it was seen as one of his bets to fill the void he left. The teacher but because he is a man he played against him, he will continue without par and from Alicante, which will upset the ground balance, because there would be two from Alicante for the Blok quota.

As soon as Marzà’s resignation was made public, Fullana valued her job as head of the Ministry of Education and her fight for public schools. Fullana closed the message posted on social networks that it was time to take on new challenges.

Source: Informacion


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