Miguel Poveda: “Different” is a color palette painted on me”

Michael Poveda He returns to Córdoba, this time to promote his new work., ‘Type’, An album recorded in Mexico, Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles bringing together thirteen songs that the singer embarked on on her own musical journey, Section between Flemish traditional and Andalusian song, Mexican popular song, and even tango and funk, and where the artist feels completely free to show all that has depended on him over the years and all the diversity with which he has grown.

This new tour kicked off in February no less than the Teatro Real. How is your reunion with your audience going, now their faces have been revealed?

Now we feel an impressive relief, as if our mouths are gagged with a mask that covers the smile. Yet it was also very exciting to see how people’s eyes spoke and how they were touched by their eyes. I am very happy and I think we value music more now.

In this tour he presents his latest album ‘Diverso’. What did you want to put under this title?

More than being inclusive, what I want is to build bridges, move in total freedom, and present myself with everything that has depended on me over these years, both in my Badalona neighborhood and all the diversity I grew up with afterwards. I managed to participate with different music in Barcelona. The album is a palette of colors painted on me And in the end, when people want to tag you, you realize it’s not a tag for me. I’m starting with classical flamenco but I’ve always crossed other paths and come into contact with other cultures, I think it’s necessary. In times of pandemic I wanted to travel and cuddle, and I did so through music, a way many things were accomplished.

to sing a song climate change also, two songs far from flamenco focus on transsexuality with Willie Colom’s version of ‘El gran varón’.

I am a person who does not remain indifferent to everything that is going on around me and this pushes you to make commitments. I think people are becoming more and more committed, another thing is the managers we have in the world that we have often chosen badly or have no choice but because the industry has fallen a bit. Flamenco or not flamenco, that’s a human question commitment to climate change, to injustice, to the disadvantaged… And I feel like I should sing about all these issues.

Doesn’t it seem anachronistic that we have to keep talking about your right to love whoever you want?

It seems to me that we should never let our guard down, because when you think we’ve taken ten steps, someone comes along and makes you see that we’ve taken another five steps, which is terrible. But we have to keep fighting because there are little minds that don’t understand such simple and human issues.

In this work, he combines flamenco with ranchera, bolero, salsa, tango and even funk. We can say that it is quite a traveling album.

An album that travels from beginning to end, embracing Cuban music, touching upon social issues with traditional and popular Mexican music, Brazilian music, Andalusian song… These are the places that define me.

He talks about “kill complexes” in “Diverse”. Which ones did you get rid of?

Sometimes you free yourself from complexes, but others come because you turn the years. I think the thing that liberated myself the most was art. In other words, if you have a talent, you shouldn’t clip your wings because of what people say. Today, in social media everybody thinks and can be very monster Even his comments get massive disqualification and it paralyzes you. But I believe we need to remove all these fears and give this talent to the world, because in addition, just like culture, it needs this that can make this planet more livable.

Do you live life with the contrasts between the joy and drama of flamenco, with the intensity you show on stage with your art?

Maybe in a few years, not so much. But when I go on stage, which is my natural habitat, I take it all out. Now, what I’m looking for in my private life is peace, quiet, oxygenating myself to reconnect with the simplest things, my family, my son, my home, then the crazy crowd.

He has a long journey ahead of him. Is it harder because you’re a father?

It is more difficult because the bond with the child is very strong and incomprehensible. And in my case, this bond is indescribable, so it is very difficult for me, but fortunately I have a very smart, very adult son. He also accompanies me whenever I can. Actually, he will come with me to Córdoba, and on the other hand, now tours are not what they used to beYou spent months in America. I’m not more than a week without seeing my son, I’m short of breath.

How has fatherhood changed you?

It took me to my childhood, I am a small child with him and he is an adult with me. Everything has become more relative, it does not matter the same, and I am attached to the most absolute truth of life.

How’s the show that you came to Córdoba on Saturday?

It’s a traveling show just like an album. It is an injection of values, freedom, diversity and many colors. I mean the musicals in all the costumes I wore during the montage, I’m still me but I’m constantly changing colors and having a really good time.

Cordoba on Saturday. A first place for you?

They’re all prime places to me, even the most hidden corner of the farthest town. The audience, the stage, the culture, the music is the most important value one has, and anyone sitting down to receive it is top-notch. It is true that Córdoba has historical connotations and perhaps it is this flamenco and cultural heritage that imposes more responsibility, but for me all scenarios matter.

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