What are the advantages of starting savings at a young age?

What will be the future of young people? Will they need to start saving now to become independent, buy a car or aspire to retirement?… these and other questions will be put on the table. Youth Savings CycleOrganized by Prensa Ibérica on 26 May at 10:00.

Experts, Mary Romero PaniaguaEconomics Managing Partner at AFI, Michael DolzBestinver’s director and analyst, Jesus David MorenoProfessor of Financial Economics at the University of Madrid Carlos III and louis garviaProfessor at the Pontifical Comillas University (ICADE).

Title: Youth Savings Cycle

free online event

Date and time: May 26 at 10:00

10:00 Welcome and Welcome

Nekane Chamorro, Editor-in-Chief of the Iberian Press Center

10:10 Table of Experts


– Definitions of saving and investment: What are the main myths about saving and investing? What is the truth?

– Does being a milieur prevent young people from saving? How can they improve this situation?

– Does each new generation have worse challenges and conditions than the previous one?

– How do young Spaniards compare to Europeans in terms of savings and investment?

– What investment options are there for young people? Is the stock market an option? When should teens start saving? For what?

– What are the advantages of starting savings at a young age?

– What difficulties might young people face when it comes to saving?

– What would you recommend to young people who want to start saving?

– Which strategies should be followed when starting to save from a young age?

Participating speakers:

• Miguel Dolz, manager and analyst at Bestinver

• María Romero Paniagua, Managing Partner for Economics of AFI

• Jesús David Moreno, Professor of Financial Economics at the Carlos III University of Madrid

• Luis Garvia, Professor at Pontifical Comillas University (ICADE)

Moderator: Nekane Chamorro, Iberian Press Central Editorial Coordinator.

11.30 in the morning. End of Forum

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