ERC sees way to loosen relationship with Government in declassification

CKD It seems to pave the way for overcoming the conflict with the government If he declassifies information about these events because of his spying on pro-independence politicians, it would open the way to de-escalating the tensions that have plagued them in recent weeks.

Sources of the Catalan republicans underlined this. declassification of these documents would be a good precaution. and they insisted that everyone must find a way out, because the alternative is what it is, referring to the fact that right can take over if the legislature does not hold out.

The same sources say that Gabriel Rufián, who attended last week’s meeting of the official secrets commission, was of course saw the documents provided by former director of CNIthus she responded to Defense Minister Margarita Robles, who implied that she was the spokesperson for the spokesperson at the control session. The ERC “did not dare” to examine the documents if what they saw affected it.

According to the sources, there were several crossed-out parts in these files, which the commissioners allowed to examine, as in the file corresponding to Pere Aragonés, the head of the Generalitat, especially the speeches.

They also provided Sanchez ERC and others will keep Robles in place despite wanting his headand they joked that it was easier for a meteorite to fall to earth than to dismiss the minister.

Meanwhile, in the halls of Congress, Rufián stated that it would be good for Sánchez to declassify all these documents. It is a power he has and “it is not true that he is subordinate to a judge” to which the president is firmly subordinate. “We’ll finally find out what happened here two weeks ago before whoever killed Kennedy,” he said.

Regarding his discussion with the minister at the plenary session, he believes that the minister will “grab a shovel and stop digging”, and on the other hand he wanted the dialogue table to meet and Sánchez and Aragonés to meet on a date. – As cited by sources – contextual and all explanations are given.

Dissatisfied with the “scapegoats” regarding the espionage in the Pegasus program, Más País’ spokesperson Íñigo Errejón emphasized that an investigation commission should be established to shed light on what happened, and put an end to “Frenchism”. declassify all official documents affecting the law of official secrets and fundamental rights.

On the other hand, CUP MP Mireia Vehi, after listening to Sánchez’s response to PP spokesperson Cuca Gamarra, concluded that the wiretaps were “the result of bad practices and therefore they fired the CNI director”.

Source: Informacion


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