Maduro: Western actions to encircle the Russian Federation and escalate the conflict in Ukraine 04:18

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said at a ceremony attended by the Chinese ambassador, that the actions of the US and its European allies against Russia are aimed at cornering the Russian Federation and escalating the conflict with Ukraine. DEA News.

“We know very well the movements of imperialism and its European allies in the geopolitical field, I think it is obvious, I think that is how everyone in the world sees it, we clearly see the provocations and threats to corner against Russia. “To try to escalate the war in Ukraine, to shift it to Russian territory, and to bring this war to a nuclear level,” he said.

He also pointed out that a new global geopolitics based on respect between countries is now emerging.

Former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) adviser James Rickards declarationThe only card the United States can play in Ukraine is an escalation of the conflict.

Prior to that, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter aforementionedThat any attempt to break up the Russian Federation and defeat it would have disastrous consequences for the aggressors.

Source: Gazeta


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