RIA Novosti: A resident of Artemovsk said that the army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine changed into Russian uniforms 04:37

In a conversation with a resident of Artemovsk (Ukrainian name – Bakhmut) DEA News He stated that soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) dressed in Russian uniforms in the city to identify pro-Russian citizens.

“Rumours were circulating on the street that people dressed in Russian uniforms were coming, then the“ Russian army ”has come, who rejoiced – we go. Where did they go (people. – “socialbites.ca”) – no one knows, ”said the resident of the city.

According to him, even before the special military operation began, the Ukrainian security forces took his colleague away for making pro-Russian statements, nothing is known about him until now.

On the eve of Yevhen Dykyi, the former commander of the division “Aidara” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declarationThat Bakhmut is surrounded by 4/5, and the city of Avdiivka is located in a semicircle.

Formerly RIA Novosti reportedThat the fighters of the Wagner group evacuated the inhabitants of the southern and eastern parts of Artemovsk under the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

One of the fighters who participated in the evacuation of civilians noted that Ukrainian soldiers saw people being evacuated, but at the same time continued to “deliberately beat”.

Source: Gazeta


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