“Blonde”, another Marilyn

In the movie “Blonde” Marilyn Monroe is an ET who descends into Hollywood, the capital of Western patriarchy, where they do not distinguish an actress from a crazy woman, and the entrance is always through the back door in the producer’s office. A being from another world that no one understands. A cool viewer might conclude that it takes longer than expected to be a diseased brain in the most desirable body of time. Bombshell blondes need everything and they just find a gay makeup artist who isn’t taking advantage of them. I don’t believe that such an extraordinary talent of the 20th century was – on the one hand – just – on the other hand – a victim.

“Blonde” is two hours of tears and whispered texts, a tentative selection of history’s milestones, and a theatrical piece that sums up the star’s irreverent family: the crazy mother, the missing father, the son who always had an abortion. Anne opens the movie in the most tragic way because it undermines pure innocence. The impersonated father is a hypocritical conscience, and it is pathetic to hear him call all his men “dad”. Talking fetus brings intellectual embarrassment.

Everyone has a Marilyn, so this movie based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates gets all kinds of rave reviews. Complaints about Ana de Armas being added to pictures of old movies, pro-life messages, misogyny, victimhood, Cuban areolas for the pink girl. When José Luis Garci made the documentary “My Marilyn” in 1975, he knew that the possessive adjective was essential to the honesty of the title. I didn’t have Marilyn. Because I prefer comedy and adore Billy Wilder, the closest thing to my Marilyn is the jovial, smug girl whose skirt turns into a floating white jellyfish on the New York subway, while Tom Ewell holds his ground in the neurotic, fiery summer I first saw on Screen. Marilynes sumo of others with limited interest. In this succession, according to different versions, everyone wants to have her, to have their own Marilyn, and this happens to the head of the dead as well as in life, which prevents him from reaching his Marilyn.

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