i’m finishing one Novel. Soon I will leave that existential territory where I have been secretly living for several years and leave the novel, or the novel will leave me, which is more certain, I do not know. Am I going or is he going? The feeling of relaxation is perfectly balanced with the feeling of emptiness. I got up at six to go to the soap opera like someone who has ever been to the theater. It’s also like someone leaving home to lock themselves in an apartment that no one knows about. The ongoing novel has a physical space where one can shut oneself down for three, four, five hours a day. Then a person goes out into the street and does not tell anyone what he is doing in that space. Sometimes terrible things happen in a novel, but novelist After a coroner dissects a corpse, she sits at the table as naturally as she prepares a meal for her daughter. Sometimes you go through periods where the action stops because you don’t know where the writer’s life is going, just as you don’t know where the characters are going.

this periods of recession scary. Let’s see if I’m wrong. Let’s see if this sibling couple was actually a childless marriage? It’s possible. Even in life, there are men who look like her sister’s husband and vice versa. If they also live together, confusion is guaranteed. A novel is written like walking on the edge of a cliff blindfolded. The possibilities of falling are endless. Many novelists fall and their novels rot. The world is full of rotten novels because it’s full of cut lives. Perhaps you yourself were refuted by a novel or life interrupted it. The head is where the novels (and lives) rot the most, so they need to be removed as soon as possible, even with forceps.

This novel I mentioned has not rotted. I’m done with him before he’s done with me. We can say that I won at the cost of losing him. I will no longer read or rewrite. Actually, when I get fired, I’ll still get up at six to pretend to go to work. I’ll send it to the publisher to negotiate the deal.

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