These are two possible substitutes for Tornero at the beginning of RTVE.

RTVE will have to elect a new president company after it was announced José Manuel Pérez Tornero’s resignation this Monday and the most widely explained solution for its implementation is the Board of Directors to appoint a proxy from among its members.

This was pointed out to Efe by sources close to the Council, in which the journalist’s name was substituted. Elena Sanchez Caballero, his professional career has mainly developed in TVE. He presented the newscast, was on the International Channel, was the defender of the Institution’s audience, and became general secretary of the company of the public institution. In his speech to Congress for the election of council members, he said he believed in a state-owned public communications medium. plural, independent and accurate information; It has stable funding that acts as a firewall against fraud, delivers “dignified quality” entertainment, and is “not questioned in the first mishap.”

Elena Sanchez Caballero. RTVE

But according to the same sources, another possibility is also being considered, but due to its complexity, it weighs less: Parliament dissolved the Governing Body and a name administrator or general manager.

This case would probably be an attempt to appoint him according to the same sources. Jose Pablo Lopez, the current director of Company Public Content, as the sole director, although they view this appointment as ‘complicated’. Graduated in Journalism and Law, López has more than fifteen years of experience managing different television channels from RTVE to La Sexta and is an expert in undertaking network restructuring processes and project restarts and optimizing resources in national and international radio stations. regional level.

José Pablo López, director of General Content. EP

Pérez Tornero’s resignation this Monday, in a self-provided statement posted on the Company’s intranet. factors that will maintain the viability of your project are not givencreated excitement in the Board of Directors. According to other Council sources, “there has been tension on the college board recently as ‘like-minded’ members promoted by PSOE and Podemos have distanced themselves from certain projects”.

The TVE News Council also released a tweet in which it said its employees were “observing with deep concern”. worsening of the institutional situation The definition of RTVE”, and hence “public service project, demands independence and professionalism in management”.

On Tuesday, the Board of Directors meets in the afternoon as scheduled, and after Pérez Tornero communicates his decision, the college body may choose to call an extraordinary meeting to clear the way to replace him. If any of the managers were eventually chosen as a substitute, Pérez Tornero’s vacant position as manager would also have to be filled, thus eleven in total.

Source: Informacion


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