For the Andalusian left to abstain.

In my opinion, the left should abstain from voting in the Andalusian Parliament and allow Juan Manuel Moreno to head the Andalusian Government if his party, the People’s Party, gets the largest number of votes as the polls predict. deputies and received the most votes. I know that I am advocating an action that neither Juanma Moreno nor PP did with Susana Díaz; however, experience in Castilla y León and some municipalities suggests and warrants that the two sides act without taking into account the presence of seats held by Vox. That would be the way to show that voting for the far right is a useless vote.

A monochromatic government from the right would force the Junta de Andalucía to negotiate with left-wing parties throughout the legislature and to soften its government proposals, which would continue to be from the People’s Party but would be tempered by contributions from the opposition. The actions of the Andalusian PSOE will force the People’s Party to soften its approach in the General Courts and to support the proposals of the socialist government, at least by abstaining; This would be a way to curb the demands of the parliamentary partners of the Sánchez government. This is something he’s been doing occasionally since Feijoo’s arrival recently. “Variable geometry” seems to be adopted as a management style.

If Vox takes over the vice presidency and enters the Andalusian government, the regulations coming out of the Governing Council will already be impregnated with the barbarisms we heard from Ms. Olona in this campaign: definite support for unions and business establishments: equality restrictions specifically aimed at LGBT groups; cuts in health and public education; limitations on sexual education of children; how the increase in direct appointment positions happened in Castilla y León and the increase in salaries for public positions; and indirectly, public funding for far-right organisations. To the extent that the PP is more dependent on Vox, it will embolden the far right and make the influence of the left in Andalusian regulations and legislation of the next legislature even more unlikely. Moderation and dialogue among the major parties will prevent political polarization and ensure cooperation in the legislative and management of public affairs.

A government of the People’s Party and Vox would undoubtedly be democratic and represent an absolute majority of the Andalusian Assembly, but it would almost divide Andalusia in two. The French say this quite rightly – one can distinguish between ruling for the majority, whose legitimacy no one can challenge or dispute, and rule for all: that is, by the orientation and political definition of the majority, but take into account the views of the Opposition. Abstaining will allow the majority of citizens to rule, avoiding polarization, even on the left. The far right has repeatedly denied the legitimacy of Sánchez’s government, the majority government in the Cortes Generales – and sometimes Pablo Casado’s PP has followed suit.

The proposal and election of the new General Council of the Judiciary and the four new members of the Constitutional Court will be a litmus test of the will of both. PSOE and mainly PP. A delay of more than three years in the renewal of the council is unacceptable, and even so little that, after almost half a constitutional century, the judicial elite has become a haven for the right of the country and the economic bourgeoisie, the upper middle class. The Minister of Justice would have to explain why judges had to get scholarships for their opponents, it would be very revealing of the difficulties ordinary mortals have to access judicial careers.

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