Russian McDonald’s is frivolous and brutal

“A chain of restaurants “Tasty and Tochka” will open on the basis of McDonald’s, which left Russia,” he said in the news.

As a marketer, of course, I couldn’t pass by such an extraordinary name. The name is elusive, but so remarkably annoying – I caught myself thinking about it. what I thought. And I immediately found the answer.

“Delicious and that’s it” – it feels as if the owners of the restaurant immediately pre-processed the appeal, without waiting for the angry roar. “You don’t like it? Look! Delicious, period.” This must be clearly pronounced by a woman in a blouse from a Soviet canteen. In the same tone: “There are many of you, but I am alone!”.

Of course, I understand that marketers try to play around with the slogan “fun and delicious” to offer their own alternatives. But the alternative turned out to be somewhat rigid, if not rude.

The slogan, on the other hand, is certainly cleverly laid out in context. Many Western companies have left Russia, and an angry liberal howl is heard from every iron: “Sentry, return to the Soviet Union.” And “McDonald’s” is something like the main democratic link of the West, since the opening of the first institution on Pushkinskaya Square.

And now, in its place, an institution appears, the most Soviet of all possible names. It grows, so to speak, as a monument to victorious postmodernism. If I were Sergei Vladilenovich Kiriyenko, I would give writers as much bonus as their salary, nothing is funnier if you think about it because you can’t think of anything.

But okay, I laughed and passed. What day in my feed, adults with higher education absolutely solemnly mourn for McDonald’s itself, its slogan, the Russian language, and, apparently, democracy. Together.

Because I don’t like the sentence!

As you can see, I did not like it either, but my God – what should be in the minds of adults who are not deprived of the legal capacity of citizens to draw geopolitical and other large-scale conclusions? marketers?

After all, they write about the future of the country! Definitely serious, with a blue eye.

I’ve been doing marketing and public relations for decades, getting paid for it. Therefore, with all my responsibility, I will express my humble opinion.

Anything you want to call the Russian “McDonald’s”. Draw any logo, create any brand policy. But I’m mainly interested in two things – will the cutlets be tasty and how much will it cost.

If it’s tasty and cheap, it’s a good place. The logic, I hope, is clear.

Yes, the situation in our country is changing dramatically. And to be honest, it’s very hard for me to hide my pessimism about the professional future of all these people who sometimes wear sneakers and scooters – art directors, managers of unknowns, brand experts and others discussing the name and logo on social networks. today.

All these guys will look great in the production of the same chops from some large agribusiness. And what the cutlets will be called is the last thing.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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