Bonfires belong to those who enjoy them and those who run them.

Alacant already smells of gunpowder and I must say, we were looking forward to its return and also with great anticipation for our excellent parties Les Fogueres de Sant Joan to regain their enthusiasm and energy after a microscopic virus interrupted their fun. two years.

Yes, it is true that we have started the advertising calendar, which is arguably influenced by the traditional place of maskletàs on the one hand and the preservation of our architectural heritage in addition. reduction of raw material cost and pyrotechnic density. But this debate, unfortunately, extends to the social as well as the productive part of these parties, as they repeatedly insist on the message that these parties do not have workers to run the activity. Or, in other words, they want to erroneously convey that workers refuse to work not only in the motor activity of our parties, but also in the main activity of this seasonal phase of the year, which is connected with leisure and tourism. . , as in the HOSPITAL.

UGT is using the Ertes tool to find out that this activity is one of the most harmful activities in the pandemic with business closures and capacity constraints, by giving up employment, causing layoffs, and at best – fortunately for many – avoiding massive unemployment and greater social discontent. However, this does not support such negative messages. And therefore, I must insist that the truth is lacking. Either the management capacity of the public employment service is underestimated, I am referring to the statistics. If it were, there wouldn’t be around seventeen thousand job seekers in the food and beverage service in the province of Alicante.

We are also aware that directly affected workers are trying to open other doors in the labor market that give them the opportunity to continue their working life actively, and we have experienced it in times of crisis with other sectors. I do not accept that they want to convey in the collective imagination a distorted reality that does not respect the hundreds of thousands of people who have been unemployed for a long time and who want to continue contributing to the economic production of this country.

Having clarified this point of absence or desire for hotel work, what we want to argue is that our parties, our Bonfires, belong to those who like them and those who work for them. And to return to the expected enjoyment, the rights of those who make it possible must be visualized and respected.

The act of respecting these rights should be undertaken by the line of business that does not abide by the contract, violates the signed contracts, and creates an à la carte worker figure, not responsible for the insecurity it creates. took place. They should not be left with an unsustained complaint without assuming their responsibilities.

Therefore, we demand from UGT these created rights that professionalize the activity. It is the rights covered by the contributions of the days actually executed, the rights negotiated and signed, established in collective agreements, allowing fair and agreed wages, rights that promote education in the kitchens, in the table, in the service of waiters and waitresses, and even in excellence itself in the efficient management of the raw material used, the most unnecessary waste. to reduce costs and at the same time contribute to being sensitive to the environment. It is the development of these rights that gives value to the sector and the activity.

Let’s respect, honor and humanize our economic activities, especially the accommodation sector, which will enable us to enjoy a happy return to Les Fogueres de Sant Joan.

Source: Informacion

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