Are you still a spokesperson?

Some public leaders shuddered yesterday at the thought of Mónica Oltra being prey to political junk shows on national television that have long outstripped the heartfelt. Where Belén Esteban was, we now have a vice president of Consell. I have no doubt that this will happen, or that it will be serious, even though others have always gone down the abyss road before him. But there is something else that is worse, if not in popular terms, then in political, ethical, aesthetic and institutional terms. As expected, TSJ commissioned Mónica Oltra yesterday to clarify the charges that had weighed on her in relation to the Ministry’s administration in the case of the abuse of a minor in custody, who was her husband at the time, and summoned her to testify on July 6. Whoever believes that this is the end, that that day will come and then exists and nothing happens, loses all hope: that’s not how judicial procedures work, and less so in such serious cases. This is the beginning, not the end. Contrary to his own speech, the vice president claims he has no intention of resigning. Neither from this position, nor from the position of the consellera. Already. And as a spokesperson for Consell? Will the regional government continue to be represented by a policy investigated by the highest court of justice in the Community? And if yours is the only thing journalists will logically ask you, how are you going to explain the deals that the Executive approves at its meetings? Can PSPV, Compromis and United We Can meet this situation? Can Botànic, who has come to lift the reputational mortgage left by PP, support this change in integrity in his speech?
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